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Peninsula Diabetes Management Center

Our mission at Peninsula Diabetes Center is the prevention, early detection, and effective self-management of diabetes by empowering diabetics and their families through comprehensive education and state of the art medical management.

The Peninsula Diabetes Center affiliated with Peninsula Cardiology Associates, managed by Caroline G, Mansy, CRNP CDE BC ADM provides individualized, quality education and disease management programs and services to all adults with diabetes. Caroline Mansy, director, is a nurse practitioner who is a certified diabetic educator and is board certified in advanced diabetes management. Our goal is to ensure that patients are appropriately managing their diabetes in between visits to their primary care providers.

Patients referred to the Peninsula Diabetes Center will be scheduled for a 45 minute individualized assessment, followed by individual or group appointments based on their needs. Offerings include educational sessions, insulin pump management, cardiac risk assessment and prevention, and general disease medical management.

The Peninsula Diabetes Management Center also provides a transition for patients from the hospital to the outpatient setting. The nurse practitioner is available for consultation for inpatients who have diabetes or who are experiencing stress-related hyperglycemia. Inpatient diabetes management regularly monitors patients with elevated blood glucose and HgA1c levels from direct consultation from the attending physician. At discharge, patients will be scheduled for an outpatient follow up appointment as a bridge from the inpatient stay to outpatient management.

Diabetes Disease Management

The Peninsula Diabetes Center offers a range of disease management services that can be tailored to meet patients’ needs.

Diabetes Management Services:

  • Diabetes diagnostics such as continuous glucose monitoring
  • Lab work
  • Medical management of insulin and oral agents
  • Complication management
  • Free start-up materials, including glucose meter, first bottle or pen of insulin
  • All types of glucose meters offered depending on insurance formulary preference
  • Identification of lower cost or free pharmaceutical programs for eligible patients

Insulin Pump Program

The Peninsula Diabetes Center identifies the correct pump for each patient, based on individual needs and insurance coverage. Patients are seen for a pump evaluation to determine if they are a pump candidate and to meet provider expectations regarding pump therapy. Patients learn how to use their new pump and have access to pump and glucometer software at Peninsula Diabetes Center. Staff assists patients in analyzing the data and makes adjustments so the patient can reach his or her personal target. Patients are encouraged to use the downloading software to self-manage their disease.

Insulin Services:

  • Order insulin pump that is appropriate for the patient, based on individual needs and insurance coverage
  • Education on insulin pump operation
  • Glucose management and follow-up with ongoing support
  • Pump data download and analysis with pump setting adjustments
  • Continuous glucose monitoring

Cardiac Patients

The Peninsula Diabetes Center provides services to inpatients at Peninsula Regional Medical Center through direct consultation from primary care provider and/or specialists. Every patient seen is given the opportunity for follow-up services in the outpatient setting. The Peninsula Diabetes Center focuses on lifestyle and behavioral changes that are necessary for patients to manage their disease. Peninsula Diabetes Center also helps patients taper off hospital medications safely.

Cardiac Patient Services:

  • Week-day rounding by the diabetes nurse practitioner
  • Follow-up in outpatient setting
  • Pre-diabetes lifestyle change instruction with free glucometer
  • Focus on cardiovascular risk factors, exercise, diet, metabolic syndrome
  • Behavioral care as needed
  • Disease management
  • Insulin pump management

The Peninsula Diabetes Center standards of care are based on the American Diabetes Association Guidelines of Care, which are annually evaluated and established.


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